Journal of Legal Anthropology Vol 1 No. 3 (2013) online edition now available on this site.  Please follow the Journal links to access promotional copies.

The 10th Annual Public Anthropology Conference

In 2003 graduate students of the anthropology department at American University convened the first Public Anthropology Conference. This year we celebrate a decade of resistance and social justice. The 10th Annual Public Anthropology Conference seeks to reflect on what it means to resist, and the ways in which people are working to achieve social justice(/cache/jsn_epic_pro/s/index.html). Among the questions we seek to answer through this conference are: How has academic and popular resistance to domination and injustice changed our world in the past ten years? Where have our overtures to social justice fallen short and what must change in our analyses and approaches? We welcome your creative submissions on the following ideas, broadly envisioned, and of course your own ideas.

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