Journal of Legal Anthropology Vol 1 No. 3 (2013) online edition now available on this site.  Please follow the Journal links to access promotional copies.

JLA Issue 3 - 2013

Journal of Legal Anthropology, 2013


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Melanie Griffiths, University of Oxford



Living with uncertainty: indefinite immigration detention           



Maya Unnithan, University of Sussex



Thinking through surrogacy legislation in India: reflections on


relational consent and the rights of infertile women


Nebi Bardhoshi, University of Tirana



Legal dynamics in a border area: between customary law and


state law



Miia Halme-Tuomisaari, Max Planck Institute for Social



Contested representations: exploring China’s state






Shannon Speed, University of Texas at Austin


 Women’s rights and sovereignty/ autonomy: negotiating gender


in indigenous Justice spaces






María Teresa Sierra, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores

en Antropología Social (ciesas), Mexico  


 Lynn Stephen, University of Oregon


Jessica Johnson, University of Cambridge 


Heike Schaumberg, University of Manchester





Shannon Speed





Yves Laberge, the Centre Institutionnel de Recherche en Education, 

Environnement, Écocitoyenneté – UQAM, ÉQUIPE FQRSC, Quebec


          Hyland, Richard (2009) Gifts: a study in comparative law.

Oxford: Oxford University Press


Fiona Wright, University of Cambridge


Lori Allen (2013) The rise and fall of human rights: cynicism and


politics in occupied Palestine. Stanford: Stanford University Press


 Roger Norum, University of Oxford


Lucht, Hans (2012) Darkness before daybreak: African migrants living

on the margins in southern Italy today. Berkeley: University of

California Press.




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