Journal of Legal Anthropology Vol 1 No. 3 (2013) online edition now available on this site.  Please follow the Journal links to access promotional copies.

Journal Vol. 1 No. 1

Journal of Legal Anthropology

Volume 1• Number 1 • 2008


Editor: Narmala Halstead


Book Reviews Editor: Heather Horst




Foreword: Lifeworlds and legal phenomena 1-2

Narmala Halstead



Files Circulation and the Forms of Legal Experts:

Agency and Personhood in the Argentine Supreme Court 3-24

Leticia Barrera


Disaggregating the electoral roll: electioneering and the politics of self knowledge 25-44

 Alexander Thomas T. Smith


Populist Transparency: the Documentation of Reality in Rural Paraguay 45-69

Kregg Hetherington


Voter Registration Cards, Political Subjectivity, and Trust in Paper in the Gambia 70-91

Niklas Hultin


The Effects of Elusive Knowledge: Census, Health Laws and Inconsistently Modern

Subjects in Early Colonial Vanuatu 92-116

Alexandra Widmer


JLA FORUM 117-134


Riding Along with Police: Opportunities for Learning and Beyond

Anita Waters

Recognizing variation through police observation: using ethnography to investigate

police governance

Chris Giacomantonio

Overcoming Resistance, Observing State Power: On the Multiple Benefits of Police Ethnography

Steve Herbert

Making Trouble with the Police: Alternatives to Riding Along

Antonius C.G.M. Robben

Forum Reply

Anita Waters


REVIEWS 135-144

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