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Call for Papers



Themed peer-reviewed issue: 'Law-making' between anthropology and public

The Journal of Legal Anthropology invites a broad range of papers on the
 interfaces between anthropology and public settings. What, for instance, are 
the different ways anthropology is visible and becomes part of the context 
within academia and in wider public settings? In what ways do customs and
'law-making' as implicit and explicit legal environments contribute to these
 settings? How might anthropology retain its academic integrity while engaging
 with the public and making its knowledge a sought-after product? What are the
 customary or legal frameworks that (should) sanction the meeting between 
government and academic anthropology? 

Whist certain debates produce anthropology as a 'select' discipline, it is
 increasingly relevant in contemporary concerns about difference and
 belonging. These concerns are produced in security-conscious contexts where
anthropologists have to find ways to 'engage' and make anthropology
accessible whilst maintaining an ethically-involved approach. In considering
 the body of practices which emerge as rules and guides in bringing
 anthropology into the public, practices and critiques emerge which (may)
allow for a continual critical shaping of anthropology and, thus, reinforce 
its visibility as privileged in knowing about humans.  How might this
visibility be examined in relation to anthropological forms of knowledge 
construction and its publics? In what ways do these forms allow for such
 understandings of anthropology?  How do critiques contribute to or reshape
anthropological boundaries and its publics within and beyond academia?
The journal also invites short pieces to provide for debate or a long
conversation for consideration in the Forum section.

Please also propose book reviews on these and related topics.

Submit articles electronically to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Journal of Legal Anthropology invites 
papers which explore how the transnational is composed and experienced in
 social, political and socio-legal settings.  Papers may consider how families
 and other groups deal with borders and the forms of separation and re-making
 which occur, for instance. How does the national and transnational occur and 
or intervene in people's lives through the use of international conventions
and human rights' laws?  When is a custody right a violation or
 unenforceable? How are 'culture rights' and 'human rights' experienced within
and across socio-legal, social-cultural and physical borders?  In what ways 
are national/transnational families affected through movement, separation,
re-settlement, and different understandings of rights and culture? What are the roles of
new and old technologies in forming, un-making and mediating these settings?
 Papers may reflect on these and related issues in discussing multiple forms 
of belonging in relation to people and legal phenomena in the

We also invite book reviews on these topics.

Submissions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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