Journal of Legal Anthropology Vol 1 No. 3 (2013) online edition now available on this site.  Please follow the Journal links to access promotional copies.

Journal of Legal Anthropology - aims

The editorial board has members drawn from universities in the UK and the USA and includes practitioners. All articles are peer-reviewed by internal and external referees. The journal adds to cross-disciplinary exchanges on lifeworlds and legal phenomena.

 The journal aims:

To publish ethnographic writing and related work on a wide range of issues exploring the significance and presence of legal phenomena in life worlds. Moving beyond the political, the journal considers, in broad terms, how the legal may enter into social constructions of  persons and how the legal might change meaning in terms of particular ‘everyday’ interpretations. Through articles, essays and book reviews, the Journal of Legal Anthropology provides spaces for discussion and debates which develop theoretical, ethnographic and other approaches to understanding the salience of the legal across a range of social and cultural contexts.

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